Air to air source heat pumps

Worcester’s range of air source heat pumps offer significant savings compared with conventional heating systems.

The air source heat pumps convert the free and sustainable latent energy in the air into heat, delivering green, low-cost, energy-saving heating and hot water all year round year round.

Where space is limited, Air to Air Heat Pumps are an attractive alternative for providing energy efficient heating because the only space requirement is an external wall, making them ideal for apartments and smaller homes.

An air to air heat pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling system that is designed to provide year-round comfort. Air to Air Heat Pump converts the energy from the air outside into heat and then circulates warm air internally to provide a comfortable temperature inside the home.

As an extra benefit, Air to Air Heat Pumps can also operate as an air cooler and purifier using Plasmacluster ion-technology

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